Life in December 2021

Happy new year, everyone! I hope everyone had a good start to 2022. In my neck of the woods, December already seems so far, but looking back (and then looking forward) is a good way to begin the new year.


December was a good month for reading, but the best thing I read all month was one of the short stories in the Hugo Awards shortlist: “Open House on Haunted Hill” by John Wiswell (Diabolical Plots – 2020, ed. David Steffen). I never thought a haunting could be so good.


It was just Christmas carols all the way…


A castle in the snow

It was not easy, but I was able to keep up with our family tradition of visiting a new place for Christmas. In 2021 it was a spooky castle perched atop a snowy hill in the middle of the Alps. Inspiring!


I have a story submitted for Quantum Shorts, you can read it here:

Schrödinger’s Telephone, by F.T. Berner

What have you been up to in December? And what are you looking forward to in 2022?

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